Whether it’s a four-season, three-season, enclosed, or sunroom, your porch can become an inviting and relaxing gathering spot or at-home getaway with a few simple design tricks.

Strike a Contrast

Lime green seat cushions and turquoise accessories infuse this screened porch with youthful energy. The mismatched collection of furniture looks cohesive thanks to white paint, which coordinates with the porch’s white framing and the house’s white trim. A large painting on one wall adds artistic flair to the outdoor living space.

Sunny Style

This sunny screened porch welcomes visitors with an eclectic collection of furniture and accessories. The cozy seat cushion atop the wicker sofa provides the perfect spot for relaxing. A trunk-turned-coffee table offers a surface to place a tray of drinks as well as a hidden storage area for blankets and spare pillows.

Hello, Sunshine

A small skylight above the seating area in this indoor porch welcomes views of the sky. The wood paneled ceiling treatment draws the eye upward and emphasizes the skylight. Screened windows prevent unwanted critters from making their way inside without disrupting any views of the outside.

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